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Welcome to's Accounting Tutor

This site will introduce you some basic accounting principles, concept of accounting and accounting terminology. I have seen the students graduating with accounts are not been able to do the accounts in their company, I think there is gap between practical life and the bookish knowledge. I hope after reading our site, you will be able to do the accounts of any company.

What is an account?

It is a system to keep company's data organised, it is a system to sort transactions into records so called account books. When a company set up an accounting system, it is planned in a way the accounts should be to the best needs of the prevailing system means books prepared in a way that can be easily audited, books can be checked by tax departments moreover company management can see the working of their company through the books. We are to put our sales, purchases, expenses in record to calculate the profits and generate a balance sheet to show us the owner's capital, assets, liabilities, debtors and creditors.

Accounting system

Today most of the companys use accounting software where you can put entries by just knowing about the voucher to fill like a computer operator but knowing the accounts is totally different. We will here, teach you 'book keeping' manually in few simple steps that will help you do accounting on any operating software because now you have the complete understanding of what you are doing. Sitting on a software and putting entries can make you an operator but not the accountant.

Career in Accounting

Career in accounting means that you have the opportunity to work in any industry trade or any office. Accountants are an integral part of private, public and non profit organizations and even at an individual level - doing part-time jobs, tax return filing jobs and auditors job.

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Entrepreneurial Potential

Accountants can be the best businessman because accountants are skilled at financial management, planning and analysing accounts. They can become leaders in the industry because of their financial expertise. A career in accounting has the potential to be incredibly rewarding: it could give you the chance to work in virtually any industry and could open up doors you didn't even know existed! Plus, at the end of the day you'll know that you are helping organizations of all sizes make smart financial and leadership decisions that will help them to succeed.

Purpose of this site

Purpose of this site is to give the students , entrepreneurs, the complete understanding of accounting , book keeping so that they can do the accounts any where and on any platform , whether it is on any software or handmade books.

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